FAQ – Kids Birthday Party

  • How long is the Party?

    Our Parties do not have a time limit! After you are done with pizzas and cupcakes, the children and their parents can continue playing for as long as they want!

  • What is the timing of the Party?

    The first hour is the open-play time. Kids have fun in the Jump Hall and Magic 5 Kingdom – bouncing, sliding, playing the cannonball shooting range and exploring the Magic Castle and the Lego Room. After, we take everyone to a decorated private room for 45 minutes, where delicious pizzas, cupcakes and unlimited drinks are awaiting. When the Happy Birthday song is sung, the kids go to the Arcade Castle (if the cards are included in the package) or to any other play area.

  • Is there a person to help direct us/answer the questions/meet the guests/etc.?

    Yes! In fact, our packages come with a dedicated Party Host – an experienced supervisor who greets the guests, takes the birthday gifts from them, performs smooth transitions from one play area to another and is always there if you have any questions!

  • Your packages include 10 (or 15) kids. Is the birthday kid included?

    Yes, this number is including the birthday kid.

  • Your packages include 10 (or 15) kids. What if I want to invite more children to the party?

    Not a problem! Each package description shows how much extra $$$ it is to invite an additional kid over 10 (or 15). It is $20/child with Basic and Family Celebration Packages and $25/child with Best Fun Package.

  • What if more kids show up than I expected?

    Sometimes invited guests bring their siblings to the party. So, if more kids come than expected, don’t panic! We usually keep extra supplies, which means we will treat all the kids as equally important guests! The extra charge varies depending on the package.

  • Is outside food allowed?

    It is, but not all. Please feel free to bring snacks, coffee (if it is the morning party ), fruit and veggie plates, etc. The idea is that outside food is welcome as long as it is fast and easy to serve!

  • Can we order pizzas for adults too?

    Absolutely! Just give us a call and let us know if you want to order extra pizzas!

  • How large is the private room?

    It is pretty spacious! It can comfortably accommodate up to 55 people (children + adults).

  • Are there food options for guests with food allergies or other dietary concerns?

    Yes, please inform our staff that someone has a food allergy or intolerance in advance.

  • The package description says that pizzas are included for kids. How many?

    Two slices of cheese pizza are included for each kid.

  • Is the party private?

    The party isn’t completely private. Play areas (Jump Hall, Magic 5 Kingdom and the Arcade Castle) are open to the public. The private room is only for your guests and nobody will get their hands on your birthday cake except your dear guests.

  • Is there more food available upon order?

    Yes! When you are already at Jump N’ Slide and decided you would like something to eat, we can help!

    We have recently opened the kitchen and the menu is available here.

  • Is there an elevator at your facility?

    Unfortunately there is no elevator at Jump N’ Slide.

  • Do you have parking for clients?

    Yes, we have a parking lot for families who visit Jump N’ Slide, so you don’t have to worry about where to park.

  • Can we get Cotton Candy for the entire party?

    Yes, we often add Cotton Candy as an add-on to our parties at discounted prices! Please ask the staff if you would like to surprise the whole party with some delicious cotton candy!